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Incorrect Data Bill

Just Moved In

I reached out to support a couple of days ago regarding incorrect network usage and additional bill. Kunal from support team told me that the issue is been escalated to right team and I will get a response soon from that team but so far I haven’t heard back from them. My issue is that the data usage telus connect app is showing I have consumed in a day or two is incorrect. During weekday I am working 10-12 hours which consists of browsing, emails and calls and then I am watching something on tablet for an hour or two, None of these are so much that a single person can use 20+ gb data in a day. Last cycle I was charged 30 dollars for same. This month I am over 215 gb in 16 days. This is absolutely incorrect, I would like to see a day to day breakout along with individual devices data consumption on daily basis so that I can understand why am I charged such a big number?