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Internet and Optik Tv

Only thing that works is the landline, Internet and Optik Tv has been down for about 3 days now. Anyone know whats going on? And if telus is actually doing something about it ?, Every time I call them I have wait on the line for over an hour and when...

AK1957 by Just Moved In
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Multiple access points w/ coax cable and converters

Currently we have Gigabit home internet, and are using a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router, with the Telus T3200M set in bridge mode. The router is connected to the modem via a coax cable run through the house, to a converter box, then to the router as ...

JoeC by Just Moved In
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Sudden changes

Optik TV and Internet ...... what gives, from one day to the next the sound function on the TV disappears. (LG TV with a Philips soundbar)! Next comes that our Home WiFi setup loses the connection to the Telus gizmo overnight, just like that.Today 90...

Resolved! Moca to Router to Set Top box

Has anyone added a router in-between the Moca and STB?? So would use coax from modem in office to downstairs TV location. Then have coax to moca .....ethernet to router....ethernet to STB. By doing this i could use the extra ethernet ports to support...

Kalidgh by Advisor
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Resolved! Slow or no access to certain websites

I recently just got Gig Fibre internet and work from home doing video editing. The sites I use frequently such as and are failing to load or if it does manage to load will be impossibly slow to navigate through to where...

Resolved! Fiber Availability

Has anyone had any issues with telus not being able to locate your address. I recently moved into a new house in a newer neighbourhood, fiber is available as telus has signs posted around the neighbourhood, and I've received flyers, I've also asked m...

Ducky7731 by Friendly Neighbour
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False Data Overage Emails

As with many on this forum, we are also receiving constant emails from Telus, advising that we are near or at our data limit and telling us to upgrade. And yet our data usage from the Telus website says we are nowhere near our limit. We have always h...

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