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Port forwarding - Control by IP?


I have a router model T3200M. When I forward a port to a machine on my LAN, I want to be able to allow access from only selected IP address from the outside. I don't see any obvious way to do this. Can somebody point me in the right direction?



Community Power User
Community Power User

If possible it's probably simplest to set up the restriction on the machine that you wish to limit connectivity.

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Yes, I am currently doing that with iptables on the target machine. But I'd rather do the filtering on the router. So, are you confirming that the router does not have that capability?

@mike80222 Wrote: So, are you confirming that the router does not have that capability?


I just had a gander at the T3200M interface, I see nothing that would suggest that you are able to filter incoming IP addresses, or for that matter Geofencing...


I would suggest a more enhanced router system would be required to achieve this on the router hardware.


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All right. Sounds like I'm out of luck.