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Resolved! Unable to Activate 3rd Telus Wifi Booster

I activated the Telus Wifi Booster pack a month ago as in one with cable to router in my office and then the second one (no cable) in our living room . All using the Telus MyApp (IPhone version). It of course established a new router wifi name and a ...

RobBar by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus Wired Internet Dropping Connection

Hi, Thank you all for your help in advance. I have Fiber 300 with Optik TV. Firmware: 31.164L.18 (Not sure how to update this)The ONT is in my closet and connected to the T3200 which is also inside the closet.Cables go out from the closet to the rest...

DavidL by Friendly Neighbour
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Actiontec ECB6000 MOCA Adapter bi-directional?

I'm wondering if the ECB6000 can be used to transmit internet signal in both directions? I use them in my system like this:Modem(coax out) -> (coax in)adapter(LAN out) -> desktop My question is can they be used like this: Modem (LAN out) -> (LAN in)a...

Cobram18 by Neighbour
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Issue with Telus Cabling in my neighbourhood

I have had issues with my home phone, internet, Optik TV for the last 2.5 years. Basically, sometimes it works, but usually the line quality is degraded to the point where my home phone cannot make or receive calls, Internet slows down or drops out, ...

Telus wifi Hub booster issue

I am using the new Telus hub modem not the t3200. When I had boosters with my old modem, the wifi boosters had their own wifi signal which I had to log in. But when I set it up with this, it tells me to remove the rj45 cable and setup the next booste...

Pennys by Just Moved In
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Resolved! T3200M Minecraft port forwarding

Hey, I have a Telus T3200M, trying to run a MC server on port 25565, also tried 64829.I've been at this for over 20 hours, no joke, after work every day since Monday.I cannot for the life of my port forward to my Minecraft server.I can connect to it ...

Resolved! Wifi Connection Issues

So I am a new Telus user who decided to get the 1giga bit plan. The internet works amazing on my gaming devices since i have them connected via ethernet cable. Issue is with the Wifi connection. I am consistently disconnected from my laptop and my Ip...

Bruce88 by Just Moved In
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Telus Account on Mozilla Thunderbird

I am currently setting up a new laptop and trying to create my account in Thunderbird as it was on my previous laptop. I followed the Telus thread for the manual install on Thunderbird but I continue to get an error "Unable to log in at ser...

Bri by Neighbour
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Resolved! possible to freeze my account for 6 months?

HiI'm in to few months of my 2 year contract, but I just sold my house and I don't move into my new house for another 6 months.I'm going to live temperately with family and they already have internet. Is it possible to put my account on "hold" mode, ...

kkim604 by Friendly Neighbour
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