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Password no longer accepted..can't change..

In the last month, my password has been reset (not by me) at least 4 times. I call in and reset it every time. I am unable to log into telus webmail and my thunderbird as well. I tried the mytelus password reset route and it still does not allow me t...

bcbud3 by Just Moved In
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Changing DNS Server?

Hi, I'd like to try and switch my DNS server to to see if it's any faster than the one from my ISP. I have a modem/router combo (TP Link TD-9980) which is connected to my desktop PC via ethernet. I don't use wifi to connect to the internet. I...


Hi,Have just 'migrated' over to Google Gmail.But wish to continue downloading email to Outlook (Microsoft 365) on our home computer.I've found an article about this regarding GSSMO and the steps within.My question is ... is this all I need to do?Foun...

rodlink by Just Moved In
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My Wi-FI App for Boosters

Spec says it will run with Apple OS 8.0. My App Store says I need OS 11.0. I can only run up to OS 10.3 on my Iphone 5. Am I out of luck or can I get a legacy app?

JMitchell by Just Moved In
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BGP of TELUS is it safe now?

We know that BGP is not safe and is prone to hijacking of route, and if we search how concerning this issue is, it is. So I tried testing TELUS internet network by checking it on t...

Terrible installation for home phone devices

Last summer we were having troubles with our copper line. Telus came out and said they didn't fix copper lines anymore and installed Fibre instead. We did not want to switch to fibre, but were not given a choice. Unfortunately I was not home when the...

Resolved! Moving - No Fibre

I’m going to be moving to an area that doesn’t yet have Telus fibre. Any thoughts on Tv and internet over copper? I really don’t want to go back with Shaw. I’m currently on 300/300 and it looks like I can get 75/15 at my new place. How does tv compar...

buckycat by Ambassador
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Using 2 routers and IP Address

I am posting this wondering how anyone who puts a switch between their ONT and routers manage to get around the issue of only having 1 IP Address? I have internet 150/150 and there's only 1 IP Address provided and I want to use my own router while ke...

stinger by Organizer
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