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False advertising

On Feb 23 I called into Telus to change my internet service. I was offered the Fiber300 with the wifi6 equipment. It was to be delivered last week. The catch is I had to sign into a 2 year contract to get the deal. A week and a bit has gone by no equipment, no email no phone call. I call today to be told that they do not offer the wifi6 any longer and there is nothing on my account. So now I have to schedule a tech to come in and out boosters throughout my house instead. To top it all off their website is still adverting the wifi6 package deal and it’s even cheaper than it was when I called. So how can you continue to advertise when you do not have the equipment? I’ll be looking elsewhere for service going forward.


@Bonaullain Wrote: I was offered the Fiber300 with the wifi6 equipment. It was to be delivered last week. 


I just had a look at the TELUS website indicating all the available rates and speeds within my area. Indeed the 300/300 with Wi-Fi 6 is being offered in both a 2 year contract and a month to month plan.


Personally I'd decide if you are ultimately happy with the offering online and signup through the web portal. At least you'd have conformation from TELUS via an email notification that the order has been received.


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I did use the online option and it directed me to a call back from a customer service rep. Who then transfers me to the loyalty department. But what I was told today is they do not sell the wifi6 equipment anymore.

@Bonaullain  See the DM I sent you... Cheers