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Cost to run a Fibre Line to acreage?

I have read several posts about running a Fibre Line to a large lot of acreage but without any clear answer.We are looking to purchase a 50+ acre lot in the next 1-2 years in Rural Alberta. I am trying to factor in the cost of running a Fibre connect...

AmberH by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Was I sold a plan that isn't available in my area?

Just over a year ago my two year plan had lapsed and a Telus agent sold me on a 150mbps plan - upgrading from the 75mbps plan I had been on prior. Since that day, I have not once seen speeds in excess of 80mbps. I'd hate to admit how much time I have...

cl11 by Just Moved In
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Learning fiber network arriving date

Hi everyone,I was just thinking about moving into a new apartment suite. However, It is just out of construction that it only has Shaw. I am a Telus mobility and home Internet user. I don't want to leave Telus since how good the service is. So I was ...

disabling DHCP for PI HOLE?

Can anyone direct me in how to disable the dhcp for pi hole? I have pi hole running and now need to add it to the network but i'm at a loss.

Unable to contact Office VPN through ZTE modem

First off. This is my first post. Does anyone from Telus read these posts and care if things get resolved here?I've got a business account with a paid static public IP address. Our public if address shows our ZTE modem has about 6 available TCP ports...

Turkey by Just Moved In
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  • 0 kudos email account asking for a Device Policy?

I migrated to the Google Suite a couple months ago with no issue, everything has been working fine. Today on my android phone I got a notification that my account requires me to sign up for an Android Device Policy, wtf? Why would I ever al...

aelam by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus internet is unstable

For the pass couple of month, internet signal has been unstable. It goes on and off through out the day, and it is very slow at times. I just upgraded to the 75 package, hoping it would be more stable, but it is not working. Still have to unplug my m...

Yin1 by Just Moved In
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