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Unable to add new contacts Macbook Apple Mail

When I try to add a new contact to the address book, it allows the name to be typed but as I move to a phone # or email address field it reverts to some other card and lists "No Name" at the bottom of the list. ???

cmyoung by Neighbour
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No service for two days running

I have recently moved my services to telus (last Saturday) but the service has been subpar and the customer service nonexistent. I was supposed to be on trial for the month, and despite my expressed wish to not cancel my other service until the end o...

SMTP timed out

After much headache, I managed to get my telus email migrated to gmail and set up using pop3. Been using it for a couple weeks now. All of a sudden, it gives me one of two errors: 1) Server timed out (if I try port 465)2) Keeps asking me for my passw...

LoriR2021 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Migration to Gmail

So why did Telus make change now during covid when most computer support is not available? Ie a person coming to house to help us that are not very computer savey. When I first saw Email about the change I taught it was a scam, No indication that it ...

Robwylie by Just Moved In
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Boost wifi poor connection

Hi there, I have the Arcadyan Hub and 2 boost wifi. The Hub is placed at the south end of the second floor of the house, boost wifi 1 is placed in the middle of the second floor, and boost wifi 2 is placed in the garage on the ground floor at the nor...

sorloa4 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Internet constantly cutting out/ not working

Anybody else having random interruptions today or periods in which the wifi totally cuts off? I am connected to the main modem and have pure fibre, I have boosters around my home too and the internet is always seamless. But today there have been rand...

Taj_1 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Printers not discoverable on ZTE SmartHub Wifi

Installed a ZTE smarthub last weekend and changed the SSID on my printers to the ZTE network. One of my printers, a HP, connected and is discoverable on the network. Both of my Brother printers connected but one is discoverable only once and a while ...

Resolved! Boost Wi-Fi Question

I have the latest router and two Wi-Fi Boost devices. With the new router I no longer need to keep one booster plugged in with RJ45. I have setup the boosters and they both have a solid blue light and both show up in my mobile app under the Network a...

Ektisa by Just Moved In
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