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Can't Find Certain Gaming Servers

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The Problem:

I am trying to get some help on trying to reach a certain gaming server, and potentially others that I'm not seeing anymore.

I used to be able to play this server all of the time. Then one day I just can't find it anymore and I've tried everything before discovering that it's my internet in general that is causing the issue.


Game: Squad

Server IP:

Server Port: 7787

Internet Provider: Telus Internet 150


What I've Tried:

The issue is nothing has changed - neither the server provider nor anything internet related on my end.

I did do a traceroute to the server. But the ping did not make it to the server, getting blocked somewhere in Chicago or something but I can traceroute other servers just fine.

I can access the server when hotspotting off my phone - which is obviously not suitable for gaming on an online FPS - and when I'm somewhere else on someone else's internet. All devices are affected when connected to my internet wi-fi and a direct connection to the modem did not work to show the server.


Any help would be appreciated. I prefer this server as this is where most of my buddies play. Let me know if some information is missing.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Seeing as how you can connect to it through a hotspot, the server is working. That matches the status showing on Squad Servers and BattleMetrics. The question becomes, what error are you seeing when trying to connect? Is there a way to contact the server operator to inquire if your home IP address was banned for some reason? Have you reached out to support for Squad to see if they have any suggestions?


Additionally, not all servers will respond to pings so that's not a reliable test. Traceroutes won't always show the full path either when servers don't respond to pings. This is quite common. When I tried a traceroute to that server it didn't go through Chicago but instead through Seattle, and a very long circuitous route through Comcasts' network to New Jersey, where the server is located.

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