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fibre installation in apartment building


Hello there,

Just wanted to ask is there anybody living in apartment buildings which have the enterphone communication system installed using the landline to buzz and opening of the building doors using Telus fibre network for internet and phone ? I understand that if the phone is disconnected from the landline and plugged into the fibre wifi hub, then the enterphone will not be able to work anymore, so will Telus has a solution for that and how to integrate the enterphone system to the fibre network ? and other thing to concern is not all units within the building use Telus service and the enterphone system will retain on the landline, I was wondering how Telus can solve this problem ?


Community Power User
Community Power User

We had a similar intercom in our building. We don't have fibre yet but the intercom was recently replaced due to numerous issues related to internet installation. The new intercom can be programmed to call any number (landline or cell) to use for buzzing people in. Works great. 

thanks for your advice, but that is not a solution to my condition since the intercom equipment has to be totally replaced and it deals with the council and not individual users of Telus

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Community Power User

If you have a landline, it is possible to leave one phone jack wired to copper specifically for just the enterphone. Keeping the copper connection to the main electrical room would be needed, so the installer should be informed in advance. That one phone would be separate from your landline service. The other phone jacks in the unit can be connected into the ONT/router to get dialtone. If you have a multi-handset cordless phone like I do, I just have my main base plugged into the Telus ONT that's next to my desk and I didn't bother wiring into the pre-existing phone jacks in my unit.

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