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Sales Malpractice by Telus Representative

Just Moved In

I had just recently found out from a Telus representative that my residence have always only had copper lines and not fibre lines. However, 1 and a half year ago, when I was resigning a new contract, I only wanted Internet 75. The Telus representative at that time had told me I had Pure Fibre in my apartment complex and upsold me Internet 150. I know you can't have internet 150 on copper lines. When the technician came and installed my "fibre internet" couldn't even get 150 mb download on his laptop. He told me because the internet speed fluctuates. I have been conned by both the Telus representative and technician. In the beginning, I had ran internet speed test and I could never get 150 download speed.. I thought it's because of the time of day. This is all false. 


Through and through, I have been paying $60 for internet 150 that I haven't been getting this 1 and a half years. 

I have been a customer of Telus for many years, and this is how they treat loyal customers?


Thus us what happens when the sales rep gets commissions on the size if the deals.


You say you aren't getting 150 Mbps download but you don't say what speed you are actually getting. Do the test from the router not your laptop to eliminate any WiFi issues you may be having. Your WiFi speed depends on your computer and is not the same as Internet speed,


BTW, you can get 150 Mbps with copper. You need 2 lines. The issue is that the extra line usually isn't available.