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OpenVPN access while on public Telus WIFI


Hello everyone,

Could I please ask for your opinion on the following scenario:

My iPhone connects to one of the Telus free WIFI around Vancouver. Connection is OK, I can surf Internet, check emails, etc... although slow but workable

I have a small home-lab kind of thing at home, running a Ubuntu Server and OpenVPN Access Server. I setup everything correctly and tested working with my 4G/LTE mobile data from Bell

But as soon as I connect to Telus free WIFI, my OpenVPN connection starts hick-cupping sporadically: The OpenVPN app on my iPhone shows it's "connected" (so no issues about port forwarding) to my OpenVPN-AS but, I cannot browse the Internet or access any internal resources from home

A chat with OpenVPN support desk showing that, Telus free WIFI might block some UDP ports and by default, the OpenVPN-AS uses UDP port 1194. So, I change it to only TCP port 443

But even after that, my OpenVPN app still doesn't work properly, and only with Telus public WIFI.

If I go to Starbucks coffee, it works

If I go to my friend's home, also using Telus Internet services, it works

Does anyone know what's up with the free Telus WIFI???