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Telus Gmail account when I quit being a customer


Since my Telus email is now with Google gmail, a free service, will Telus be a decent corporate citizen and allow my Telus email account to continue after I am no longer a Telus customer or do they terminate the account?




Some background.

I live in a Condo. Telus has started sending threatening mail that they will be killing copper service and forcing a switch to fibre which must be run to the unit. Even though its a 15year old building in good condition and they can and have run fiber into the maintenance panel. Telus could have installed the fibre to copper converter here and  still use the existing copper to each unit. If necessary transfer responsibility for the copper within the building to the resident or building. I can't see why the service can't be high speed within the building using copper as its only five stories and the panel is on the second. I currently have a bonded connection on copper and its speed is fine. Anybody who wants high speed fibre cable run to their unit could do so.


Since Telus provides no real information on its fibre website that they point you to go to for information just promotes its service I have to make some educated assumptions based on what I have read from other Telus customers who have had fibre installed.


Existing copper Telus service or demarcation box is located in the closet beside the front door, I expect they would expect to add the fibre to copper converter, power supplies and router in here. There is no power on this side of the hall so I would have to have a permanent extension cord run across the hallway floor to provide Telus with my power to run their fibre to copper converter because they didn't run a combined fibre and power cable? I don't see Telus reducing the cost of their service to compensate for me powering their equipment it just keeps going up way ahead of inflation. Yeah sure were not paying for their fibre service installation.   


In order to provide my routers and switches with network internet connection would I then need to run ethernet wires across from one side of the hallway to the other and down the sides of the hall, across the kitchen entryway and into the living room? No I am not interested in running all my many devices over wireless. What's the point of high speed fibre if it then ends in low speed wireless.


If Telus disconnects my copper services I will cancel my services with Telus and go with cable or satellite internet.




Your Telus email service is not free to Telus. They pay Google to run it. Your email address is not owned by Google, it's owned by Telus. It's not the same as a gmail account.

I very much doubt Telus is paying any real $ for gmail, they will be providing your data to Google in exchange which is much more valuable to google than a $ or a few $ Telus might pay for a gmail account.


Regardless I'm not asking Telus to maintain my account just transfer it to gmail.

@SmokeMeAKipper wrote:

I very much doubt Telus is paying any real $ for gmail, they will be providing your data to Google in exchange which is much more valuable to google than a $ or a few $ Telus might pay for a gmail account.

Hosting email for large enterprises is big business for Google for which they charge accordingly. Many large corporations use it and there's no way they would if Google mined the data.


@SmokeMeAKipper wrote:

Regardless I'm not asking Telus to maintain my account just transfer it to gmail.

That's not now email works. The domain name following the @ indicates where email is supposed to be routed. All email addresses with will go to the hosting server for Telus. They can't just pick your email address out and route it somewhere else.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Copper is being phased out bit by bit. The hardware needed, especially for DSL, is getting harder to locate as many manufacturers stopped making parts. If the DSL card your bonded connection is using outside the building fails, replacements may or may not be available. That's why everything is being switched over to fibre. 


Your assumptions about the fibre install process are incorrect. 


For existing apartment style buildings, the fibre is run along the hallways outside the unit and then punched through right above the front door. Fibre was installed in my building back in March. The fibre install was free. Both for the building and when connecting up my unit. The fibre is flexible enough that it can be run inside your unit to most spots within reason, including the living room. I had mine run to where my router is and that's some distance from the door. The fibre itself is basically invisible once installed unless you get really close to it since it's installed along the joint between the walls and the ceiling. I find fibre is the better deal anyways. I get far faster speeds now for less than I was paying for my bonded DSL connection.


The "fibre to copper converter" you are talking about is the ONT. Fibre goes in. Standard Ethernet and phone comes out. If you have a landline still, you'd end up with an ONT. It has a pair of RJ11 phone jacks on the back and if you have more than one phone in the house, the installer could hook the ONT to one of your existing jacks as well. If you don't have a landline they may just install a router instead that the fibre connects to.


One type of ONT Telus uses:



Telus will not run electrical. That is the unit owners responsibility. If the builder didn't put power or ethernet where your panel is, the ONT won't be installed there.


You mention the power use of the fibre hardware. There is one single piece of hardware and that's the ONT. The ONT I have uses very little power. The cost per year for the power has been very minimal and I haven't even noticed a change on my bill. Your router will use a fair bit more power than the ONT. 

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