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PureFibre Install Questions

PureFibre is finally available in my neighbourhood. I would love to order it but I have some fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) about the installation process and I haven't been able to find details on Telus' website. I'll present some background info...

Billing and change of plans

I have been trying to contact with customer service for almost a month and waited for atleast 3 hours everytime and not even once they have answered! Do they even have customer service?? i am getting billed for things i dont even know about! What is ...

Prijo by Just Moved In
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Upgrade to 300/300 from 150/150

I thought it would be a hot topic in here. I don't see anyone talking about it. Did anyone on 150/150 fibre upgrade to 300/300? It is my understanding that most of the area served by 150/150 fibre qualifies for 300/300. I would like to know people's ...

vishwa by Leader
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Cannot set up service at new address

I am in the very stressful process of moving from a home i own to a rental property. I called to disconnect services at my current location and establish connection at my new location. I have been told that due to neglect of the previous tenant i am ...

Opal by Friendly Neighbour
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T3200M Bridge mode and Wifi Boosters

Okay NFtoBC and all you brilliant minds!Here's one for you seeing how you are so knowledgeable.. I have 150/150 coming into basement of 3 storied house into distribution panel. From there network cables to every room in the house. The old SHAW set up...

PL by Advisor
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Resolved! TELUS Smart Hub ZTE 275F won't connect

Since about 11:45 MDT yesterday morning, mt Smart Hub (which is my sole home Internet connectivity) has gone offline. I have rebooted it multiple times and tried to reconnect it within its admin page. The LEDs on the device indicate that everything i...

Jay911 by Just Moved In
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Can't access router admin page via wifi

Hi,I'm having a weird issue after getting my purefibre internet/tv setup a few weeks ago and the telus tech wasn't helpful. My current setup:- T3200M, ONT installed in upstairs smart panel- Telus-provided wifi extender (WEB6000Q) installed on main fl...

ctech by Friendly Neighbour
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Actiontec t3200m not working

My router is not working, the internet light is yellow and the wifi light is green. I have already tried restarting and resetting it, help!!

yongo by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Smart Steering

Okay GuysYou're a wealth of knowledge so I'm asking again. I have 2 Wifi boosters running and I have the 2.4GHz Wifi on the Actiontec T3200M running with a different SSID so I can have a guest network. If I was to enable Smart Steering it says If Sma...

PL by Advisor
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