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Offer eligibility

I live in an apartment that offers free Telus cable and internet services. I saw online that there was an offer of a Free TV and *$200 bill credit if I signed up online. I thought of singing up to Telus because my contract with Shaw is coming up at t...

JanF by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Mytelus home page

What happened to mytelus webpage? no weather news items just advertising for telus products!

ronboy303 by Just Moved In
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No IPv6 on Fibre with T3200M as router

I just get:IPv6 Prefix of Delegated:N/AIPv6 WAN Status:ConnectingIPv6 WAN Address: The IPv6 settings are all the defaults of the router. Is there something I am missing? Something that needs to happen on Telus's side?

m0 by Just Moved In
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Can I Pause Wi-Fi by Device... on a Boost Wi-Fi network?

I am considering a purchase of the Telus Boost WIFI App. What I want / need is a function that is similar to the Google WIFI app, where I can pause internet by device; as well as schedule internet by device. Is this possible using the Telus Boost WIF...

SB1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Ethernet Wired House

Hopefully I explain this well - if any additional clarification, please let me know. The townhouse I'm in was pre-wired with CAT-5e throughout, but most of the jacks throughout go unused. Currently the only ones that are used are behind the TV (where...

Actiontec 3200m Manual

Is there somewhere on this site that has manuals for download. Can't seem to find the manual for the ActionTec3200m modem anywhere. If someone can provide a link that would be great!

Resolved! best internet deal for rural areas

What is the best deal out there with Telus for internet in rural areas? We probably still aren't close enough to receive high speed yet so have been using xplorenet.

pgears by Just Moved In
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Public IP for Smart Hub is no longer available

Just a heads up for those with the ZTE Smart Hub rural plans, Telus is no longer offering the Public IP option due to "Security Concerns". When I brought up the fact that the Smart Hub is Telus's (only) offering for Rural Internet and really the only...

J_Y117 by Organizer
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