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intermittent signal drops on TELUS internet (copper)

Just Moved In

I recently moved to Whonnock area which is easy of Maple Ridge. I'm on 6Mb download and 1Mb upload. I'm ok with speed since there is no higher speed available but there is sporadic internet drop. Since I work from home, I can easily tell when my connection drop since my VPN tries to reconnect. 


TELUS technician came over and test the line and didn't find any issue. He also changed the router but I'm still getting it. Some days are good but some days are getting very frequent. Not sure what can be done. The technician over the phone didn't find any issue. I don't think problem is in my home since my laptop is wired directly to T3200M modem and it's very close to it. Also, when problem occurs, it affects wifi clients too.