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Parental controls problem

I got blocked from my own laptop and printer!! They are both identified as PARENT ( not child) so there should be no restrictions at all, and yet I'm blocked. Why??Also, I have restrictions on my kid's phones but I'm not sure it's working. Can they c...

amam by Organizer
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Fortnite Connecting me to the Incorrect server

I noticed there was a thread for this a few months ago and I just recently switch to Telus PureFibre and it seems to be routing me to the incorrect server I should be playing on us.west-2 (Oregon) but for some reason I get routed to either us.west-1 ...

R3KL4W by Neighbour
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Resolved! Google Mail Telus Mail integration

On one phone we get the mail from Gmail and Telus using the Gmail App. We would prefer using the generic Apple mail app. How can we program this. It was such a bother to get even this far so we might have to stick with Gmail . What to do? Thx

Nivende2 by Advocate
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Cloud PVR on AppleTV

Nudging on this one again - hoping the TV product managers are still looking at this. Until all of the TV channels offer VOD content (looking at you TCM cough cough) in Canada, this feature would be great to have. While I don't mind the Telus STB's, ...

btxn82 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Unexplained Data usage

I have had several days of large unexplained dats usage increases over the last three months. We have one less cell phone being used during that time with no additional devices in the house, Anybody have any ideas? Beginning to think someone may be j...

CoachRob by Just Moved In
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Heads up when converting to fibre

I was connected to fibre a few days ago. AND this evidently automatically connects you to voicemail. A fine feature I am sure.. if.. you were told about it and given instructions on how to set it up. So.. because they did not.. I had several importan...

62063e by Organizer
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Resolved! Poor WIFI - Telus Boost & T3200M

Hello there, new in this forum, but long time Telus customer. I recently moved to my new apartment and WIFI is very poor in my bedrooms. Telus tech couldn't find a wired port (ethernet/coax) in the bedrooms to hook up the WIFI extender nor the second...

Esto by Organizer
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Resolved! Move ONT and Modem

Hi all,I want to move my ONT location from my basement to my upstairs. The basement is going to be rented out and I'd rather my tenant not have control of my modem etc. Telus won't make the move without charging me so I'd like to do it myself if poss...

Uncertain by Just Moved In
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