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Fibre install in community

Just Moved In

Telus sent a letter that signed permission would be acquired prior to entering property.  This was not done!  They hydro vac’d 3 large holes over a month ago and have not returned with no communication to date!  My front yard looks like a war zone.


I would appreciate some follow up Telus!


Concerned property owner in Evergreen Estates, Calgary.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The Neighbourhood is inhabited by Telus customers. You will need to contact them directly for issues such as this.  BTW, if the works are in the roadside right of way, they are responsible for safety issues until the work is complete, when they restore the area to its previous condition.

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Most if not all city properties have a utilities right of way on the property for which the property owner has no control over. Are these holes inside the utilities right of way?

The signed authorization is for running from access points in the utilities right of way to the house. My mother in law signed one last month for this. The holes on the utility right of way were already drilled before she got the letter.