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How does Fiber work?

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Telus Fiber is layed out for our new townhouse complex. I've never had Fiber before though, is it possible to have a ethernet jack in every room of the house? Does fiber require a router still? In a perfect world I would hope to have a direct ethernet jack in every room so anything can be hardwired in. But, I will also have a google mesh wifi setup for wifi access, would this work?


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While I don't have fiber I'm fairly sure that Telus will arrange to get Internet to your home and the required equipment to make it all work.


If you wish to have ethernet jacks in every room that would be up to you to make happen. Depending on the home this can be a lot of work. Aside from the router and ports on that all you will be getting is wifi access.


If you're home is wired for coaxial you can use the MOCA port on the router to get Internet to rooms that have a coaxial jack. More info here:


How does MoCA Work? How to setup a MoCA Network (



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Fiber vs copper is only different up to the router. Everything after the router in your home should be the same and doesn't need to know whether you are on fiber or not.