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Has anyone else experienced this?

Technician who installed the equipment, said the outdoor fiber optic cable had no signal so he couldn't get the job done., now I have no way of knowing how long it will take to fix this problem and I have to continue to use SHAW's network, the valuep...

New Westminster BC - Stuck on Internet15!

I've been a long-time Telus customer and want to upgrade my service. Unfortunately, the network connections (or whatever it is called) are full in my New Westminster neighbourhood, so I'm stuck at Internet 15 speeds with no ability to upgrade to anyt...

Optik TV + Asus Rt-AC3100

Hello all, I've had fiber for few years now which has working fine with my Asus Rt-ac3100. Yesterday i got OptikTV installed but could not get it to work, the box would initialize and play for a few seconds then show up a connection error. Turns out ...

Pabla by Friendly Neighbour
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My Wi-Fi App

When I select "Network", My Wi-Fi App tells me "You must be connected to your home network to add, view, and manage boosters" . The trouble is I AM connected to my home network. I have learned that I can get out of this state by powering down my thre...

Email confirmation from Interac

I am trying to set up auto deposit with my bank and Interac says they will send an email to confirm and for me to agree and give the go ahead but they say it is my Telus webmail configuration which is not allowing that email to get through. Any help?

JDP by Friendly Neighbour
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Telus mail switchover

Ok so I did everything i was asked to switch over to the gmail powered version at the end of July, choosing a 6th Aug date. So last week I get the same request to switch over which i ignored. I've just gotten a reminder so i decided to check out out....

Issue with Wi-Fi

Recently I have been getting ping spikes on Wi-Fi while playing games like League of Legends, I've never had this issue before. It would spike to 200ms-500ms every 3 mins. I do not have this issue with ethernet. Should I contact Telus Customer suppor...

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