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Tech support

Does anyone have any Way to avoid the interminable wait for tech-support? It is well over an hour according to the latest estimate.My Internet speed is completely gone it is testing at 0.00 download speed and upload speed I’m getting 6.12 and I am no...

ribbertw by Organizer
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Cannot find DNS servers

I am trying to set up a static IP on my pc but I cannot find the DNS servers anywhere on my routers admin page. I have the ZTE TELUS Smart Hub

Dill1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Fibre Optic speed issue

Just Switched to 1Gghz Fibre Optic internet - getting slower wifi than I had with Shaw - how come?I had Shaw 300 and 600 plans, and consistently got close to 300 and 600Mps download speeds with wifi using speedtest app. (iphone xr) - Shaw Modem Bridg...

Devices not choosing to connect to booster

We just got our modem switched to the new Telus wifi hub and added a booster, but I see on the My Wifi app that some devices are choosing to connect to the hub instead of the booster, even if the booster is closer. My room is furthest from the hub bu...

Rin by Just Moved In
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Home Internet

Hi. I live inWinnipeg Beach MB.When will you have internet here??Do you have a separate wifi that will allow me to go on the internet??Will you ever have TV??If so on either. Please fill me in. Wanted badly. I thought EVERYONE INCANAFA HAS THE EIGHT ...

Resolved! Mac filtering

With supplied TELUS gear, Is it possible to do MAC address filtering so I can explicitly grant access to wireless devices of my choosing.I have a son who games all night and gets around my schedule restrictions by spoofing his MAC address.

Pvautour7 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Voicemail

How to set my voice mail to appear in my email

WhiteP_C by Just Moved In
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Separate networks using Boost

Just recently installed the Telus boost system with our T3200. New to the Mesh scene. We currently have our basement tenants (and guests) on the Telus boost system. We have a separate router + wifi network connected to the T3200 for my own family use...

vc by Just Moved In
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Splitting my Wi-Fi signal to dual band

I have a Telus Wi-Fi hub modem and I need to have the signal split into separate 2.4 and 5.0 bands. I have devices that only work in 2.4 so they keep dropping the connection as the signal coming into them moves to 5.0. How do I do that? Thanks

Adj by Neighbour
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Resolved! Pure Fibre availability in Calgary (Legacy)

I am a Telus customer, but live in an old area in Calgary "serviced by copper", not pure fibre. I am moving in a month to another area in Calgary (Legacy in the south east). I just got off the phone with Telus and this new community (actually, it's 5...

P4guy by Just Moved In
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