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Wait time excessive!

I just got hooked up today. I’m only getting 15Mbps of the 1Gbps (hard wired, nothing else connected, testing against Telus local servers). So I called in to the internet support.3 hours 20 minutes someone from the home security department answered. ...

Any manuals available for Telus wifi hub?

I just got Telus Wifi Hub installed recently with boosters on my fiber-optic connection. But since it is new, I am not able to find any manuals or extra stuff on it. I am trying to push all my traffic through a certain IP address. I have made an ad b...

raza by Just Moved In
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Wrong bill charge

I found that the bill for March includes the fee for February, but I have already paid the Internet fee for February.How can i do?I need help!

RyanHuang by Just Moved In
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Resolved! URGENT: Supremely unimpressed with Telus

Dear Telus, I'm writing to you as an extremely frustrated customer right now.Here is a quick summary of where your team and product has failed me: (Please note, I welcome you to check my history on file of all of my calls and emails to you prior to t...

Sabra by Neighbour
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Home internet data caps

With so many individuals mandated to work from home and/or keep their kids home from school will Telus lift the cap on home internet data or waive the fee if the cap is exceeded?Thanks!

COVID-19. Data caps lifted. SmartHub as well?

Hey neighbors, With Telus lifting the data caps with those of us without unlimited data plans due to the Coronavirus, does this apply to Smarthub users as well who are utilizing LTE networks for their rural internet needs? The telus website is quite ...

Resolved! SSID with Boosters

Hello, I just received two boosters to help with my home wifi. Is there an issue with naming the booster network the same as the T3200 network? I thought they created a wifi mesh network, so the network is stronger everywhere, is this how I would go ...

stokedboss by Friendly Neighbour
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My Internet Is Slower Since Upgrading

I have an issue with my Telus internet that I'm hoping someone might have an idea about. Today, I upgraded from Internet 25 to Internet 150, and my internet speeds are slower after the upgrade. According to the Telus website, I should be getting down...

Roteco by Organizer
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Looking to get Telus.

Hi, so i am looking to get Telus as my current provider is not working out.I used to have a Telus phone line running to my residence but its been cut off.What would be the estimate for installing another line + internet plan?

Kampfur by Just Moved In
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