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Yard Damage from Fibre Installation

You I have a number of complaints following installation of fibre cable on my property in summer 2020. I didn't argue about whether or not you had the right to enter my property and carry out the installation however I did not agree to having my yard...

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Lte Rural Internet

Will this work for Telus LTE internet... I really don't trust the standard modems that Telus provides as every modem or router I've gotten directly from the internet service provider has been bad in some wayNETGEAR 4G LTE Modem (LB1120)

Using own Asus router but using Telus MOCA adaptors

Having some trouble connecting to the internet through the Telus boost wifi adapters. Wondering if it's possible to use my Asus routers with AI mesh instead of the Telus adapters.I would like to set up the Asus routers with hardwire instead of using ...

C2R by Neighbour
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Resolved! Outlook and Apple Mail not working with Email Migration

In Outlook, the date of old emails is not showing, so they are sorted incorrectly. For example, a message from 2013 and one from yesterday (and about 100 more with varied dates) say they were received Wednesday 10:47pm (the night before migration). T...

J_H by Neighbour
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