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pure fibre installation


My parents qualified for the Telus 'Internet for Good' program but only has basic copper phone line run into their house.  If i request for pure fibre connection, does Telus charges extra to install?  My smartphone setting showed Telus WiFi in the neighborhood but won't know if they have pure fibre connection. 



@squirrel123 Wrote:  If i request for pure fibre connection, does Telus charges extra to install?


Good day, Telus does not charge for the Fibre installation on a new connection. That being said, note that the "Telus Internet for Good" program is limited to 2 connection speeds, first being 25Mbps, and the second 50Mbps.


Both of those speed are capable of being delivered over existing copper lines. So, I'm not sure that you would be required to have a fibre installation done to facilitate this installation.


My suggestion would be to contact Telus and discuss what your options may be.


I'd start with the chat function, and if that doesn't work, the following number and departments should be able to assist, Technical Support: 1-888-811-2323, Account, billing & sales support: same number: 1-888-811-2323.


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i read DSL reliability problem in this forum. Is this a common thing? 

I have personally not had any reliability issues with internet over copper, and only recently migrated to fiber. 

i had the DSL modem installed today, it's running fine as per speed specs. 
Thanks all for their replies.