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Telus mail to hotmail not working

Migrated to the new Telus/Google mail yesterday. With my Telus account, I can send mail to my Gmail and Yahoo accounts but not to Hotmail, although this was never an issue before. From Hotmail, I can send to my Telus, Gmail and Yahoo accounts. Any id...

Resolved! Problems with Internet 50 and DSL

Hello. Over the last month we've had problems with our Internet 50 and Optik Television service and was wondering if anyone can help provide some insight on what might be the problem. We've had five site visits by Telus over the last three weeks to t...

Marc56 by Organizer
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Internet only working with VPN

Hello. I recently moved my fibre optic box from one side of the hallway to the other. I had to unplug it to re route it. Since reconnecting everything, web pages do not load. I randomly thought I'd connect my VPN and hey presto, I have semi normal in...

SammM by Neighbour
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Email question mail on ipad

Wife's ipad shows both webmail and gmail after migration ( shows all old folders in web and all labels in gmail ) She is storing some emails on a folder in the telus webmail. These are old folders we have used for years. I had terrible trouble to mov...

polecat by All-Star
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Email not outgoing

I am using my phone to send emails and I am using my data (no wifi available where I am currently at). What do I need to do to enable those email messages to reach the people they need to get to?

Inconsistent speeds

I purchased a telus smart hub. I am very close to several cellular towers one 3km away the other 2km. My signal strength however is weak -115db. When i received my smart hub there were no small attenna to Connect to the plug on the back. Speed howeve...

Confused1 by Just Moved In
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