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Resolved! PureFibre 1.5Gbps install experiences/ hardware

Has anyone upgraded to the 1.5Gbps PureFibre recently? I have the older ONT connected to Telus Modem/Router setup and they came to install SFP+ today. However, the Telus support couldn't get the SFP+ to provision correctly and it actually resulted in...

rjb75 by Organizer
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Resolved! Accessing multiple Gmail accounts

I travel with my job. When I am out of town I used to be able to access m,y email account at Telus webmail by putting in my p/word after my email. Now if I go to it goes to a gmail account I have with a specific organization I am a me...

RonR1 by Just Moved In
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Switching to Gmail

So, I am totally upset with this. I really hate gmail and want nothing to do with it. I guess there isn't a way to opt out, so am I going to have to change my internet account with Telus to get a private mail server? Any recommendations?

LynneC by Just Moved In
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Call Screen list

Hello My call screen list is full. I use it to screen frequent spam calls so I really don't know the numbers on it yet I need to enter the phone number to remove it from the list. How do I get a list of the numbers on it?

Contacting Support

Hello,Does anybody know any other ways of contacting Telus Support, except calling them or chatting? I can't waste another 3 hours of my time calling on other planet and nobody is on the **bleep** chat.I've had enough, I'm losing my patience...! And ...

Now by Neighbour
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Short cuts for Original Gmail accout and Telus Gmail

I have had a Gmail account for a long time and with Telus's unfortunate (and almost deal-breaking) switch to GMail, I am now having issues easily accessing both accounts. I have 2 Bookmarks in my Firefox: Gmail and Telus Mail.Gmail is

Zaneszoo by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! My Telus says I have Unlimited Data, but I received a message warning me that I used 100% allowance

I received an email saying that I've used 100% of my data allowance for the month; when I check My Telus page, it says I've only used about 200G of my 300G allowance. If I try to upgrade to Unlimited Data, it says I already have Unlimited Data. This ...

Nalbina by Just Moved In
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Email About Overdue Equipment

Hello, I received an email this past Tuesday, July 21, 2020 telling me that my wife he not returned the internet equipment to Telus. I did sent the equipment last year in June. In the current email it says that they give me until June 23, 2019 to ret...

KMP by Just Moved In
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