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Using own Asus router but using Telus MOCA adaptors

Having some trouble connecting to the internet through the Telus boost wifi adapters. Wondering if it's possible to use my Asus routers with AI mesh instead of the Telus adapters.I would like to set up the Asus routers with hardwire instead of using ...

C2R by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Outlook and Apple Mail not working with Email Migration

In Outlook, the date of old emails is not showing, so they are sorted incorrectly. For example, a message from 2013 and one from yesterday (and about 100 more with varied dates) say they were received Wednesday 10:47pm (the night before migration). T...

J_H by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Any action required?

Just switched to Telus, if anyone could review the setup that would be great. There is a phone line, 2 Optik boxes, and the new Wifi Hub along with the Nokia box. I am not familiar with networking. The fiber is connected to the Nokia, which connects ...

hippo456 by Organizer
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More wired connections required

HI, I just connected to PureFibre, and my new telus WiFi Hub is maxxed out for Cat 6 connections. What is the best way to connect more hard-wired connections throughout my house? We already use one port to a router to increase reach for wireless devi...

Problem with the Internet and High Upload Data Usage

Hello, I just arrived in Canada a few months ago and I'm living with my host family now. We have a huge problem with our Internet, it's very hard to explain but I can say that we usually don't have Wifi on some devices. For example, if my laptop is u...

Hieule by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Scheduling access, / parental controls, wifi

There used to be an option to set up a wifi access schedule, you could input certain days and times when wifi was allowed. It was the first item in the left menu under Advanced Set up, I think it was called 'restricting access' and there was also a s...

carm3413 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Notice Time for Cancellation

How much Notice is required when Cancelling HomeServices that are on a Contract?My Contract for Home Service ends in September. When should I initiate the Termination of my Services? One Month, Two Months before the end of my Contract in September?An...

Winslow by Just Moved In
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