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Norton 360 caused big problems on Mac Catalina


After installing Norton 360 on my iMac running Catalina (after being pestered to do so by Telus), web browsing stopped functioning properly. I tried the various "fixes" offered on the internet, such as things to do in Norton settings, but neither Chrome nor Safari functioned properly. Could not connect to websites. Eventually I deleted Norton 360 from this machine. And now everything works properly. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

In my limited experience, Norton and MacOS never get along. If you really want an anti-virus program, search one specific to Mac.

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I had to back-track (via time machine/back up) and revert to my earlier system: good to know that worked.

and yet.. I posted related topic re: Norton:   "Telus keeps sending promo to Load Norton VPN"  Seems to be a huge push on from Telus to support NORTON products.

unsolicited NORTON VPN emails from TELUS on my Mail.