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Gaming on gigabit internet fluctuations in speed

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So I'm not very knowledgeable on internet issues but what I do know is since I started with telus I have the same problem and that's unstable speeds on my internet and possibly packetloss at times.

I have done my best to troubleshoot all this and every conversation I have with telus I'm told all the tests come back perfectly fine, but at the start of multiple games I get packet loss and latency symbols. Someone suggested port forwarding but seems like I'm not able to do this without a buissness account also we have optik tv so another router may not be possible.

I would like a tech to come out but numerous conversations have telus reluctant to send someone as they don't see a known problem. Appriciate any help.

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Community Power User

Port forwarding isn't a solution as this isn't a port forwarding issue. Nor do you need a business account to port forward. Tech support for home accounts just doesn't offer help with setting up port forwarding. There are MANY discussions on the forums here about how to do it. Also, if the connection itself is working fine and it turns out to be your computer/console that is the issue, if a tech did come out, they'd likely charge you for the visit.


Too many questions come up about your post. I'll start with the following. Please provide details: 


  1. How are you determining "unstable speeds"? Games do not need much bandwidth/speed to operate.
  2. Is it just on one device or multiple?
  3. Is it only in games or are other programs affected?
  4. Is the device you are using connected to wireless or ethernet?
  5. Which OS/console and which game title(s) are affected?
  6. If you're on a PC, which graphics card do you have and what version of Nvidia or AMD drivers are installed?
  7. Which game server(s) are you connecting to?
  8. Possibly packet loss? Have you checked to see if you are actually experiencing packet loss and not just high latency?
  9. When you say "latency symbols" can you elaborate? Are you talking about pixelation or other visual artifacts? Or something different?
  10. Do they only appear when you first launch the games and not after you start playing?

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Just Moved In
1. I've done speed tests and ping tests that show high fluctuation also downloads have slowed down and sped up drastically not to mention some solid lag during play.
2. PS4 PS5 and laptop.
3. I can only notice it on games but it could be other things too.
4. All my gaming devices are hardlines with ethernet
5.PS4 PS5 laptop - apex legends, battlefield, fortnite.
6. Laptop dosent have good gpu more concerned about PS5
7. Apex, battlefield, fortnite my friends who live close to me do not have this problem.
8. In game packet loss symbol and latency symbol shows at the start of every match tho the packet loss symbol often goes away after I start, latency sometimes stays on
9. The symbols are game symbols telling of issues latency is like a speedometer symbol, packet loss is 2 squares with a dotted square in the middle
10. They appear at the start of every single match when it's loading in and mostly dissapear after tho latency sometimes stays on in the game either way my friends don't get this issue and they are on a lesser telus plan.