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Fibre install

I want the Fibre and the line was brought to the house (triplex) but only the unit beliw me was hooked up. Now the telus guy tgat came says he can’t or doesn’t know know how to bring the line up and into my place. What will happen. Will I be without internet?


Is this a legal Triplex suited complex? With separate utility termination?


Does your suite have its own electrical meter, electrical circuit breaker box, internet service box?

Yes - Strata - 2 units telus 1 unit shaw
Each pays own account- own termination - shared outside line
Fibre line brought to side of house and connected inside to middle unit -Im directly above and the placement did not take into account or make necessary provision for upper (my unit) middle unit has wood - directly above line to my unit is stucco

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The shared outside line may be the problem if only one fibre strand was run to the building. If it is a legal tri-plex one would assume there would have been more than one fibre strand since each unit is connected separately. The tiny duplex/triplex/four-plex stratas are handled much differently than an apartment or townhouse style strata/condo would be.


This unfortunately isn't something that can be resolved on the forums. The installers would need to figure out how many fibre strands are coming to the property and what it would take for you to be connected. I would call them again and discuss the install.

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I assumed it was standard practice to always bring two strands per unit? As we have two strands and I remember the installer stating it was for backup and if a second hookup was required later. 

We have a single detached house in Vancouver. Each unit of a legal complex should be able to negotiate a free termination from the telecommunication suppliers, shouldn't they? 

Thank you

The one fibre line to the house is fine and there is a box from which the lines are split

The problem is having an installer with the experience be able to resolve the issue of connecting the line to my unit where it is necessary to either go through stucco to the inside (this is fine if properly sealed) or a longer line has to be strung up the side of the house or another outside line has to be strung to the house on the other side and brought in from that line

I cant get a hold of anyone that can evaluate and resolve. 2 installers have come and didnt know what to do.

It is a c

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First I would ask for and want my own separate fiber line, if that was offered by Telus. For them to have to drill a new hole in your stucco as opposed to using the same path as the existing copper Ethernet seems odd but possible. Bringing new fiber from the pole seems like it is the only answer and these reg installers don't do that as all the fiber to some areas was done a long tine ago. Was your area fed fiber to the houses a while ago or are they being done now? Telus would have to get a different team to bring fiber from the pole.

One line from street to house overhead - there is a box that the line terminates at and then two feeds (separate lines) are required to go to the middle unit and to the upper unit (mine). The feed for the middle unit was done and installed at the time the line was brought from the lane but no consideration was made/given to bring the line to the upper unit (mine). Im very concerned ill be without internet as we are a forced conversion area and I definitely want to move to fibre but this is way out of my league/knowledge to resolve and i cant seem to get help or someone from Telus who can resolve and install my fibre

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OK well I guess they've decided that a splitter device for the single fiber line is enough to feed all three units. I believe, but I could be wrong, that this single fiber line is capable of close to 10Gbps, so it should get everyone, all three units, with no bottlenecking, 2.5Gbps each. That said I'm sure they can run a line up the outside of your wall and drill a hole into the location of your suite within reasonable proximity to the existing splitter box area. why is that so hard for them to do? Did you tell them they can't run a fiber line up from the box and drill a hole in the wall? I wouldn't worry about the hole being sealed, that's easy. Is this your home? or are you a renter? Is it a permissions issue? Is a location straight up, or there about's, to you suite, not possible? Is the installers not willing to put up a ladder to said location?

Great feedback /info thxs

I’m the owner
The Telus guy who came to the house said they’re not allowed to go through stucco and yet where they placed the line leaves no options
He did not know what to do so nothing was done and I keep getting pressure from Telus to get Fibre but it’s not me it’s for them to resolve and I can’t get anyone who can see and resolve. I want it done

A guy is coming out april 21 to the house but I can almost guarantee he wont be able to solve or fix and I will be back to square one

I tried to explain to the fibre booking people but no luck to have anyone really understand

I need an experienced installer to run the line, drill and seal the hole and install the fibre from outside to inside

Super worried what I’m going to do ic there is no internet through no fault of my own. I need it for work etc

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Wow they don't want to be responsible for drilling through stucco? OMG. I assume you can't or wont do it, drill the hole only? No equipment to do it or experience doing such work? There must be simple handyman contractors that will drill a hole for you in the stucco, and seal it for you the next day, after the fiber is run through it. So easy. You could also have the telus person come out day 1, install the fiber run from the splitter, out of the box and coil it up right there for you (with the protective cover over the end. Day two the handyman come out and runs it up your wall through the drilled hole, into your suite. Day three Telus person comes back to finish the in-house install.  

I can’t even get a handyman to hang a picture. Try to find one. I do not have this skill and it should be up to Telus to do and provide the service that’s required for the connection

I’ll just be happy to get my internet resolved.

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So I assume the existing ethernet cable runs up to your suite, inside the wall, from the central termination, that is accessible from outside, on the side of the complex? Why can't they just pull the fiber, using the existing ethernet cable? That's what they did for some other person here as they described it. So the new fiber took the exact path as the old ethernet cable.

I think it’s because all the original lines are underground and not accessible. Older home.

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Let us know how it works out. I'm sure it will get resolved one way or another. I hope you don't have to pay extra to get it done, that's all. Telus should know that there will always be a few homes in an otherwise "normal" install neighborhood, that require an extra bit of work, and still cover the pole-to-modem cost.

Thank you - fingers crossed this gets sorted

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