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Data Limit is Wrong - 1TB is not 1000GB


When I log into my Internet plan info, it shows my plan as Internet 150, which includes 1024GB of data as seen in the screenshot and on the Telus Support page


Given this, Telus still charges me if exceeding 1000GB in a given month, when in fact I have 24GB remaining. What is going on here with these overage charges?


Keep an eye on your bill and demand a refund for this trickery by Telus.





How do you know the overage calculation isn't actually using 1024 Gb as the limit and that the screen you see just has a display label bug on the chart? Do you have a bill showing the over overage charges are using 1000 Gb?

It's actually using 1000GB as the limit, as shown here:


Sun Jun 05, 2022 7-56-23 PM.png


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The 1000GB is telus caps of 1000 GB maximum  or cap off internet usage per month to month on your monthly bill

The 1024 GB is how much a telus customer has used in internet data monthly bill.

I hope that helps.