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House Pre-wired Ethernet Outlets not working

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Our house has pre-wired ethernet cables and outlet/ports in the wall (Figure 4). Only 3 of them work, and I'm trying to get one of the others working. Two of the working ones is in the same outlet plate, so similar to Figure 4, but with 2 blue outlets and no white; one of which is connected to the Wifi router. The third is in a different room which looks like (Figure 4). 


The house has the Telus NAH that connects with our pre-wired ethernet and the NAH was already setup by the previous owner who was also subscribed to Telus (Figure 1).


When our Telus technician arrived, he had to rewire? or joined, one of the pre-existing ethernet cable (blue) of the house with his own ethernet cable (yellow), to connect to the NAH (Figure 2). He said that these blue cables aren't real ethernet cables, because they must click when it goes into the NAH port. It's true some of them do not click, but some do. But I'm pretty sure on all the blue cables, including the one he rewired, says CAT5e.


Now only the NAH ports that is connected with the yellow cable is lighting up (Figure 3); when moving the yellow cable to the other ports, the other ports light up. In contrast, all the blue ethernet cables does not light up regardless which port its connected on (I tested all 5).


Do I have to rewire/join all the blue ethernet cables with yellow ones, or do I get a switch to connect with the yellow and connect the blues to the switch? Is there something wrong with the blue cables?


How can I get my other ethernet outlet around the house working?


Figure 1 (Internet Box)

20230624_234706.jpegFigure 220230624_234712.jpeg (Yellow ethernet cable joined with blue)






Figure 3 (Telus NAH ports)
20230624_234721.jpegFigure 4 (One of the ethernet outlets on the walls)


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Community Power User

Who put the Ethernet plugs on the end of the blue wires? I'm guessing NOT the Telus tech.
I expect the wiring pattern does not match (there is an A pattern and a B pattern), or is wired for phone, not ethernet. I expect the tech simply made sure the jack at both ends of the cable he/she used were pattern matched to get it working.

The white jack shown in your photo is a phone jack, not ethernet. What wire is connected to it, as often CAT5 is used for phone lines?

You might want to look up A/B wiring patterns, and make sure both ends of each CAT5 cable are wired the same.

Also, the ports on the NAH won't light unless there is a device connected to the other end that can respond to the router signals.


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Are you saying that the wiring patterns for those blue cables might be different between each ends? If thats the case, would I have to rewire all the blue cables with different wiring from the yellow wire, or different wiring from the other end? Because thats sounds like a lot of work. 


For NAH ports lighting up, it should light up when connected to a laptop. So when I said I tested all 5, I connected my laptop with an ethernet cable to one of the not working blue jacks on the wall, and then I shifted the blue cables with the NAH around to see if either the NAH or my laptop port would light up. Neither did for all 5 blue cables.

But when I connected my laptop to a working blue jack, one of the ports with the blue cable at the NAH did light up. Does mean that lit blue cable is wired correctly on both its end and the non-working outlet has mismatched wiring pattern? Or is there a possibility the non-working outlet itself is broken?


Working outlet connected to my laptop


Port 3 lit up a working outlet connected to my laptop and had internet.  


Working cable on the left and an unlit cable on the right (looks the same to me).

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Is there any cut on the ethernet pvc jacket ?

Broken ethernet cable?







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Did you crimp the connector on the RJ45 ethernet correctly?

Did you wire the pairings for the T568-A, T568-B standard?

Crossover pairs?


@LordswornLance    Google internet A and B color order. Open up your wall outlets and check them. Might be wrong redo the connections. If all the rj45s are correct at router then likely wall the outlet wrong.