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Smart Hub Upgade

I was offered an upgrade to 5G by the "promotions" dept for my rural internet. On a 2 yr package, they are also increasing download speed and removing the cap for no add'l cost. The issues are: they are are setting the hardware price at $840 (which I have to buy out on cancellation) and the monthly price will increase by $44 after 2 yrs. Thoughts?


@CountryBoy  Not knowing your monthly cost i would look at starlink selling hardware for $ 199  till sept 30/ 23  at 140 $ a month Apple to apples.

Definitely a consideration. Bro-in-law is installing his this weekend. Going to watch closely.


I'm close to the Telus tower. Download and upload speeds have been reasonable under 4G, but the intermittent lag is brutal for any video communications. Typically have calls dropped and have to reconnect once every 20 min during Zoom calls. No indication from Telus as to whether this would be improved with the new set-up.