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Internet 75 speeds?

What are you guys getting for download/upload speeds? I had Internet 50 through telus for a few years and used to have great transmission speeds of approx 50Mbps...This changed at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic, in Oct 2019. Starting then, I wou...

Constant WIFI drops on IPAD - Arcadyan modem

T3200M modem recently replaced by Arcadyan modem which does not have the ability to create separate 2.4 & 5 ghz connections. When the T3200s were up everything worked very well across the home. Only problem was T3200s were flaky and required multiple...

Jpmaxell by Just Moved In
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Call control for Smart Ring

I have call control set up on our main line, but still receive spam calls on the Smart Ring #. Does anyone know how to add the call control feature to a smart ring line?

CZ_1 by Just Moved In
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"home wifi network"

I have never been able to access my boosters or change my network password. Every time I go into the app, it says these features are only available on your home network. I'm on my home network.I've done the reset wifi hub, reset phone, clear cache on...

Krage by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Actiontec V1000H Port Forwarding Troubles

I want to set up a game server for my friends and I to play on; Specifically for a Source game. I’m on Windows 11, using an Actiontec V1000H router, and have tried following the instructions from these two sites to setup up the server with port forwa...

Jimian by Friendly Neighbour
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Remove an anchor cable of the utility pole

There is an anchor cable of the Telus' utility pole infront of my new coach house. The city ask me to contact Telus to remove it through strenghen the utility pole with a better solution. The Telus local technician says it's not his business. He will...

image_6483441.JPG image_6483441 (1).JPG
renzi829 by Friendly Neighbour
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copyright infringement?

My son has been playing World of Warcraft for years and the odd time I would get an email from about a copyright infringement related to a specific time for WoW, which I called Telus about, and they said they did not email...

Jeff2022 by Neighbour
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