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Resolved! What does the Network Access Hub do?

I have a Pure Fibre 1.5G plan. The technician installed a Nokia ONT (G-240-G), the NAH (FXA5000), and the Wifi 6 Hub (Router). The topology looks like this:Fibre drop -> Nokia ONT -> NAH -> Router. My question is, what is the NAH for? Is it possible ...

Resolved! NAH ip address does not match

Wondering if anyone knows why the ip address and gateway address of the NAH is different from the ip and gateway my router has? I have the NAH in bridge mode and the router connected to the 10G port.

Amazon Prime setup

I had an amazon prime account, but then recently signed onto a new internet plan that includes prime in my monthly bill. I cancelled my existing prime membership, which took effect Dec 17th. When I login to telus online and follow the link to setup m...

weisguy86 by Just Moved In
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Issues with install

Hello, I have been dealing with failed installation attempts for over a month now, waiting for services to be installed since October. Chronologically this is what has happened:Drop was installed at the wrong property - was unawareInside installation...

sadatia by Just Moved In
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Technicolor NAH - NAT setting

Was looking for some input on the NAT setting on the Technicolor NAH. It seems that no matter what I do I can not get my PlayStation to not have a NAT 2 mode/double NAT. I am wondering if I turn off the NAT setting would this solve my problem?I have ...

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