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SMTP sever it not responding

I have not been able to send email through Telus SMTP mail server for a week now. When I access it from Telus wifi at home it's fine but not able to send using cell signal from a different provider. I followed Telus instructions to set up mail on my ...

Kennyt by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! TELUS App

Can you guys make payment arrangements in billing in your TELUS app think be a great new feature

Jaymans45 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! spoofed text messages

Someone is texting my wife posing as my cell number. Is text spoofing possible? So can this spoofer see my texts too? When my wife responds to me does the spoofer see it too? This is real...... My wife asked "why you type " and I never typed it nor s...

Resolved! Additional Data Options

I tried phoning for customer service recently and the person who received my call could not advise me whatsoever about my options for more data. I am going to be in the hospital for several weeks and I would like to know my best options for additiona...

Resolved! Email on I phone

My telus emails are not coming through on my iPhone

Carol3 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Dropped calls in Shawnessy

Approx. 1 year and still on going, our calls are getting routinely dropped on our cell phones. We were told too get new SIM cards, we did. We were told to add wifi to our phones for phone calls we did. We had our phones checked at the Apple Store for...

Tree2 by Just Moved In
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Koodo top up

Hey,I bought a Telus 25$ top up voucher and thought it would work for Koodo too because they share the network. Apparently it doesn't work. Does anyone want this top up voucher / has a Koodo to change ? Or do you think the telus store might be able t...

Sleifer by Just Moved In
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Adding my LTE Tablet to my Peace of Mind Connect Plan

Hi there, Tonight I picked up a sim card from telus at the store, was told to go online and set it up there. I looked on my account online everywhere and can't find anyway to connect my tablet to my plan and activate the sim for it. She told me I hav...

MattyG by Just Moved In
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