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Mobility service not working when it should


It seems my pay as you go mobility plan renewed two days ago, however, I only got service starting today. So have had no data for a couple days when I should have because it auto renews and charges me for service but doesn't provide it.
When I don't go over my allotted data this is not a problem, however if I do, I am paying for something I am not getting.

Because the fact that I can't just pay for the prepaid service I want, and need to top up with a cost greater than what the service is and can only top up with certain denominations which aren't enough or are too much for a prepaid plan.
Paying for a renewal immediately or new plan is incredibly inconvenient and wastes money.

Can this be fixed, or should I go to Bell or Rogers to be provided with the service I'm paying for.

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @JMBell , you can check the history of when the top up was done through the historory tab once you login to your MY Account.  normally, once the account is refilled there is no delay in the time you refilled your account.  You can always speak to an agent by dialing *611 to confirm what happened.  Unfortunately when you want to add recurring top up  to your account you can only do in inccrements of $10, $25 or $50.   Thanks.  

When the plan auto renews it says when it happens, and then when you check my telus app or account it says it renewed the plan two days before and so have 28 days left, but it was not renewed two days before and no service for those two days were provided.

I don't want to add reoccurring top ups. I want to pay directly for exactly the amount my chosen pay as you go plan is, rather than topping up with multiple denominations that wastes money.

Thank you for not listening to me and comprehending what I said and providing no useful advice or information.

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

In this case I suggest you speak to an agent to see if there was a problem with the system at that time.  You can purchase plans and features from your account as well and not only top up for an increment.  Here is a link to the current plans and add ons you can purchase for prepaid service that might help.