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Intermittent slow speeds in Ontario?

Just Moved In

Hi there, I have a family plan (with 4 lines) and a separate corporate line with Telus Mobility, and multiple devices in multiple locations in Ontario have experienced slower than normal speeds (both browsing and tethering) in the last couple of weeks. Is there something going on broadly that is slowing traffic down? Locations include: Prince Edward County (Wellington, Bloomfield, Picton) and Dwight / Huntsville area.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Nothing that has been reported. You can always check our Status page over at to see if there are any network issues or maintenance in a particular area that may impact your service. Otherwise, we recommend visiting the nearest TELUS store or reaching out to our Mobility team at 1-866-558-273 or via Live Chat online over at for troubleshooting!

Thanks. I did check stats and nothing had been reported. I don’t feel it is a specific network issue, more congestion or something. The phones all have latest iOS, latest network config, freshly restarted and still exhibit. That and this is a degradation in service from what I’d seen previously (last summer, or even as recent as a couple months ago).