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Resolved! Home Phone Credit

Hi, I will soon order a mobile device with a 24 months payment plan and put an end to my home phone services with Telus. That said, I currently have a considerable credit on my account as it was overpaid in the past. Do you know if it is possible to ...

S-L by Just Moved In
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I'm looking for a Telus representative to help me set-up my sim card. I'm not sure if my phone is unlocked or not, but I have the unlock code in hand from the previous carrier (Koodo). Everything I've read says it should prompt me to enter the code o...

Kali by Just Moved In
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Cell signal

I consistently have one bar or less in my house... whether by a window or further inside house... sometimes when talking , signal is question ... who would be the right person/department to contact about this problem?On a side note ...

Oldgrocer by Just Moved In
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Switch to Peace of Mind plan

Hello,I'm not sure if I'm missing something, how do I switch to one of the unlimited plans? My 2 year contract ended in November 2019 yet anytime I tap on change plan the peace of mind or simple share plans are not listed, only the plan I have with t...

Resolved! Is telus still providing 3G or only LTE ?

Hello, I live on the north coast (north of Port Hardy) . I have a cell service booster (Wilson AG SOHO 60) . It works with 3G but not with LTE . Does anyone know if Telus still provides both 3G and LTE to the remote coastal communities or do they pro...

Soizic by Just Moved In
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Getting random 5 digits text from number 999 999 9999

I am getting 5 random digits text from number 999 999 9999 (4-5 times a day), ever since I switched from bell to Telus a month ago.I cannot block 999 999 9999 because it is the way our paging system from the hospital send the text to our phone.This i...

lost phone

I have find my phone enabled on my Samsung Galaxy S7. How do I track it

barb71 by Just Moved In
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How do I download the Home Phone App

Greetings, I just found out about an app called the Home Phone App. I found it by Logging into Telus > clicking "Home Phone" at the top > "Changing your display name", Home Phone App is under "Add-on Features". When I click "Android App on Google Pla...

Shane by Leader
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Resolved! Shareable Data, Plan vs App

I just got a new plan and it's 10mb of shareable data, but when I go on the app or check data usage it shows that I only have 5. Anyone else with this issue?

Erin17 by Just Moved In
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