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Note 20 Ultra 5G VoLTE setting absent

Ever since a software update last year, my VoLTE toggle in settings/connections/mobile networks is now gone. Anyone else experience this? Telus told me to call Samsung and Samsung told me to call Telus......Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra SM-N986W

Peace of Mind Connect Plan Bait & Switch?

I've been on a "Peace of Mind Connect" plan for a few months now with a phone and two data devices (3 SIMs). The plans allow unlimited number of devices to share one data bucket (15GB in my case) with no additional charges per device. I pay one fee p...

andirons by Friendly Neighbour
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[iOS 15] Unable to Download MyTelus app

I am a new user from the US who has settled in QC. I purchased a prepaid sim and registered successfully. When I try to download however the myTelus app, either via searching for it via Google or links directly from the Telus website, it results in a...

Telus agent call offering great mobile phone offer

I was offered a mobile phone deal for my wife and I of 30gb each for data for 125.00. I did not accept the offer right away but they are calling back in a week, how do I make sure this offer is legitimate? Has anyone else received this offer? Thanks

Telus Email Messages Disappearing

My email keeps disappearing from my Telus account. It has occurred 2 times. I contact tech support and it the messages are reinstated. These are messages in my inbox and in folders.The tech is saying it is because I am using iCloud as well. This hasn...

Cshaw by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Spark Sampler

Heyo Telus neighbourhood!I'm hoping someone can help answer this, I did look online and only found a wee bit of information dating back to 2004 & 2013.I just noticed on my data usage under text messages there is a new section called "Spark Sampler". ...

Misty by Neighbour
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Yahoo rejected from gateway

Hello,I'm trying to send SMS to my phone using the email gateway "", which works fine when I use my gmail account, but when I use my Yahoo account I get this error: Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address....

h3 by Neighbour
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2 bars, LTE but data come and goes (mostly goes)

I’m trying to understand the data behaviour at our cottage (1h north of Gatineau Quebec). It seems like a data throttling problem and not a connection/signal problem…My iPhone 12 Pro shows LTE with two bars but my data is usually not working at all. ...

Sebbb by Just Moved In
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