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Slow Data speeds (Blue Mountain/Collingwood)

Data speeds in Collingwood/Blue Mountain area in Ontario are slow. Bell speeds on LTE are triple what Telus speeds are here. Telus 5G speeds are a little slower than LTE, same device testing both networks.

Data speed has also been extremely slow in Newmarket, ON (Yonge St and Green Ln area). Reported this issue to Telus multiple times and although they’ve confirmed the data speed appear to be slow but nothing has been done.

Data speeds all over Edmonton alberta are so slow too. Also when I'm on the phone with someone the quality is just horrible. It glitches in and out, I can barely hear and understand the person I'm on call with. I'm really missing being with Roger's but it was just too expensive. In the future I will never go with telus again. Their wifi is decent, not as good as Shaw but it's better than their phone services. I thought that since their wifi was pretty good that I could trust their phone services. Big regret on my part, 2 weeks is not enough time to adjust to a new phone and new cell service. If I could I'd cancel everything and I'd go back to rogers and get the phone that I actually wanted. That Telus told me I was getting. I'm pretty upset with it all.