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Mobility Scam

Please everyone be aware I have been recently scammed by Telus mobility. I received the offer of a Family plan with 4 lines for $ 180.00/monthly.The first bill came $ 498.00 and they are saying this is correct.And are really charging me that!

Ted2 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Text Log History

I'm hoping to have Telus provide a list of text logs (just numbers in and out, not content, unless that's possible) back to 2018. Is this possible? They generally say that only 90 days, but I'm hoping there might be a loophole somewhere to help me ou...

Resolved! WiFi Calling while Roaming

I have a couple of specific scenarios I would like to know if I would be charged for if anyone has experience.I am traveling to the US. Airplane mode is ON and WiFi is turned on. I then connect to a WiFi signal and do the following:- If I send a text...

Hak by Neighbour
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Resolved! Wifi Calling refusing to connect Galaxy S9

I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 which is in perfect condition. I brought it back to Canada from the US, phone is completely paid off and was unlocked by the carrier it came from - AT&T. For some reason the WIFI calling refuses to setup when I ha...


I purchased a Galaxy 20 about 4 months ago and I absolutely dislike it - I obviously have a balance on the phone but wondering what are my options for going back to an iPhone? I got an email about a promo flash sale for $0 down etc and if you have a ...

About telephone salesperson

Last couple days I received someone said from telus, and tried to convince me to change my phone plans. Anyway, at the end, I don’t have a credit card, so the salesperson on the phone texted me the emails for e-transfer of the deposit for the new pho...

Minaduki by Neighbour
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Resolved! Unlimited 20

Unlimited 20 Unlimited nationwide talk, text and 20GB of high-speed, unlimited, shareable dataCan you share data with other phones on the plan this plan?

SheldonM by Neighbour
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Telus Easy Roam

I don't know why Telus refuses to provide me with the Telus Easy Roam service for my mobility service. Yes, I do have an old plan. Telus tries to tell me that the service is not compatible but that is blatantly false because I once spoke with a very ...