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Where in the GTA has Telus launched the standalone 5G network?

Friendly Neighbour

I have read about 5G SA being launched in both eastern and western Canada, but I have not been able to connect to it in either Milton or Hamilton (yet).  Does anyone have any more detailed information about where exactly 5G SA has already been deployed?


Community Power User
Community Power User

It exists but Telus doesn't have a coverage map specifically spelling out where 5G SA is enabled at present. You may also need to have a fairly new SIM card to use SA. I have a 5G SIM in my phone and my phone says that SIM doesn't support SA.

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Most of Toronto doesn't even have 5G SA and the rollout isn't going fast at all. Before leaving Telus for Rogers, I could pick up 5G SA by Guildwpod GO on my s23 Ultra. Mine is a US model though running the U1 firmware. I am not aware of standalone 5G being enabled on the Canadian firmware W as of yet. Whether that is the same for other devices. I am not sure. I was using an eSIM.

Friendly Neighbour
Thank you for the truly useful feedback. I am using a Canadian S23 Ultra flashed to U1 firmware and with bands N66, N71, N78 enabled. When I switch to 5G SA exclusively, my connection falls back to LTE.

However, in recent days I have become less concerned with 5G SA versus reliable connectivity, in general, as many users in my company are complaining about dropped calls and bad quality in the Hamilton area (our company just moved to Telus 2 weeks ago.)

You might want to check out the thread on XDA on how to disable carrier aggregation and pre-configured band combos so it allows all. Doing so helped me a lot on Telus when in ares where other bands were actually available, like around the Bell Media building at 299 Queen West. This will also change your CSC to XAU if it isn't already, which seems to offer a great experience on Bell, Telus, Rogers, and T-Mobile USA, at least from my experiences being up in Southern Ontario for the last 5 months. There is a lot of useful info in that XDA forum thread in the S23 area of the forum.

Telus primarily uses band 66/n66, which isn't great for long range or strength because it's an extension of band 4's 1700/2100. When you are close to a tower or have an unobstructed path to the tower. 600Mbit down and 150Mbit up is easily achievable.