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Resolved! losing a customer

i have been a loyal EPP telus cutomer. this year I have all my family 4 phones up. I went to up grade my kids phones.Kid 1 new apple 14 for$15/ month plus $55 plan. then they charge me an activation fee - for what ? - the agent tells me to call custo...

samnic59 by Neighbour
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Charged before SIM card arrive

I am a brand new customer and before I signed up for Telus Mobility, I was told by the agent that the billing would start after I received the SIM card in the mail, ported in my old number, and activated it. However, I just found out from support CHA...

GF1 by Neighbour
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T-Mobile Service with CAN-US Plan is HORRIBLE

I was just in USA on a road trip for 8 days. I have to say that whatever coverage we are getting with T-Mobile in USA is absolutely horrible. I was there with 2 other family members. We had an iPhone 14 Pro Max, a Galaxy S23 Ultra and a Pixel 6 Pro. ...

JeffGWpg by Friendly Neighbour
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5G+ 3500 mhz

I can't connect for the life of me onto the 5G+ 3500 mhz band when I'm in an area that has that coverage. My phone is the Pixel 7 Pro and my plan does include 5G+ capped at 1Gbps?Any help or suggestions? Did someone cripple my phone settings?

dowhat12 by Neighbour
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Sim swap issues

Trying to swap sim cards and when I try to get verification email it just says "too many attempts" and try later ....i

Biggk506 by Neighbour
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Resolved! EasyRoam won’t turn off

Hi there, I have tried to turn off EasyRoam and switch to pay per use on the app and website and I can’t. I tried calling and Telus offices close at 5 pm PDT? Any solutions for how to turn it off or get in touch with a human who can? I have to send o...

Lisaann by Neighbour
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Family Add Line

HiI am looking to add a family discount and a line to my existing account. But I wanted to add my husband who already has a separate telus mobility account. Can I add the line then link his existing account and phone number? How do we go about linkin...

BreDun by Neighbour
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Is it possible Telus has the worst customer service ever?

This post is more a rant then anything that hopefully someone at Telus will read and make changes. I am getting automatic messages from Telus on one of my company phones saying that its out of data and to buy more, while in fact the account has acces...

ChrisC1 by Neighbour
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