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Cell tower down in upper squamish

I work upper Squamish BC and cell service is slow for the past two weeks, due to the tower being “down”, I do need my phone while working also being an emergency contact as well, I have heard so many things, apparently “not enough people complaining”...


The Usage Option in MY TELUS Account has not been working for 2 Weeks, I have called in 4 times, no response, I'm Paying for Something That does not Work, very Sad From TELUS,

Darius by Just Moved In
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Bad tellus team members

Hello. I had problems due to the negligent work of the employees of the Tellus branch in Edmonton on Kingsway Mall.I will briefly describe the situation. And I will be grateful for advice and help. What to do in this situation.I made an order at the ...

ViZaKo by Just Moved In
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Improving mobile signal

Rural location, poor Telus signal: I'm not seeing anything recent on this. Anyone know what the options are? There are some extraordinarily expensive third-party options here and here. Looks like Telus still isn't offering anything that provides a mo...

Mada by Friendly Neighbour
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Call forwarding

Can I call forward an individual number when received?I only want to forward one certain number and keep the rest of the calls coming to me.

DanP by Just Moved In
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Reception and drop calls

Is this us or everyone has this issue with Telus in GTA area. Drop calls happen at least 5 times a day.And poor reception and low internet speed is a daily routine now. Please let me know?We have 12 lines and they all have the same issue.

Bjahan by Neighbour
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