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Cell Service Issues!

Just Moved In

Okay I'm completely stumped with what to do, literally have tried everything!

I had an IPhone 8 and my wife upgraded and gave me her IPhone 12.... My Telus Services do not seem to work on this phone it goes in and out every few seconds and wont keep connected to their network so the phone is utterly useless. 

We were advised to get a new sim card and see if the solved the problem. It did not.

We were advised to contact the original carrier of the phone to see if it was unlocked. Which it is. 

We were advised to contact apple and they found nothing wrong with the phone.

We also spoke to Telus technical support and they said there was no connection issues on there end...


None of this makes sense because if i take my sim card and try it in my Wifes new IPhone 12 i have no issues..... if i switch back to my Iphone 8 i have no issues.... My wife even put her sim card back in the IPhone 12 and she has no issues... it only seems to cause an issue when i put my sim card in it.....we have tried everything and no one can seem to help us. Please help!


Just Moved In

Correction **if i take my sim card and try it in my Wifes new IPhone 14 i have no issues.." 

Community Power User
Community Power User

Definitely strange. Possibly backup the iPhone 12 and then do a factory reset:


How to erase all content and settings - Apple Support (CA)

Just a long time customer hoping to help.