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When will Telus have 5G coverage in Richmond

Now that more manufactures are coming out with 5G phones, when will Telus have 5G coverage in Richmond? Based on the coverage map, Richmond from downtown to Hamilton/Queensborough area do not have 5G coverage currently. Even if you can give a rough e...

fxlarryw by Just Moved In
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Telus service care issue

Caution, if you accepted telus service care ensure the correct phone number is associated with the correct device. They will continue to accept the monthly payment for the protection plan however you will not be able to claim through there insurance ...

Mb8912 by Just Moved In
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Down/Up Speeds w/ ZTE hub

Not naive and I have a couple decades experience as a user of wireless internet, but I can't get over an issue I'm having in moving to a new acreage: I can't achieve anything but 1) very good download speed (12 - 18 MB/s . . . considered very good fo...

terra3 by Organizer
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Resolved! Can't Access Play Store with New Gsuite email "No results found"

Our email has been converted to Gsuite which gives us a Google account. We can view the properties of this account on Google. We cannot open Play Store to download new apps "No results found". We can't search or look for Apps. The existing Apps are b...

Lkyn2020 by Just Moved In
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Have spent hours and days trying to get an email account with Telus. After multiple chats and phone calls I was told I now had one but it did not show up on my account and the address and password I was given did not work! Can"t contact anyone else a...

J999 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! 2 phones, 1 phone number

I currently have an iPhone 11 Pro with Telus, and have recently been sent a Light Phone 2 The company sent me the device so I could test it across our various cell providers here in Saskatchewan.The Light Phone is a great solution for those looking t...

Resolved! Turn off cell data and text permanently for a voice only plan.

On a voice only plan I am forced to disable data on each billing cycle. Why? Just leave it off. Also interesting is that when you disable for the next billing cycle, TELUS in its wisdom sends a text to a voice only plan. Why? All data is off on the h...

Skiddy by Advocate
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Payment declined but money still taken out

I have no idea how to start about this but on Sept 28, 2020, I have tried to make a payment around 1am and I had no idea they were fixing their online payment server. I tried to make a payment twice but my credit card was declined those both times, h...

shaym01 by Just Moved In
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How long does it take to get the 19-digit eSIM number?

Hi everyone, does anyone know how long it takes to get the esim number by email? I ordered one online to swap to an esim and got an email saying it will take 3-5 days - but given it's electronic I don't know why it would take that long?

Digory by Neighbour
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Poor connection

Hi thereWondered if anyone else has had poor connections, dropped calls and some drop in and out in the Whitehorse Yukon area? Have not been able to reach Telus yet.