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Pricing issues

Just Moved In

We are a small business with 4 phones.  We've been a customer since 1990.  In the last year two of our phones are charged at a base monthly rate of $47.50, while 2 are now being charged at a rate of $59.00. The plan is the same. This of course does not include add-ons, usage charges or taxes.  After hours on the phone with the 'call centre', the best they can offer is that two of the phones had a lower rate associated with new activations.  This is not true, all the phones have been active for many years.  I'm currently on hour 2 of holding for a 'supervisor'.  Not optimistic. 

Any thoughts?


Community Manager
Community Manager

It's tough to offer any insight since there could be a variety of reasons why this is happening and we can't view your bill breakdown and/or your account details. I suspect it could be expired discount codes, though. Did you hear back about it from the support team?