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iPhone 12 5G vs LTE Data Timeout

Just Moved In

Device: iPhone 12 Pro purchased new through Telus 2 years ago


I was wondering if anyone has had this experience.


In Edmonton, I use LTE because if I try to use 5G I find that I often get data timeouts and other connectivity issues despite having decent signal on both. However, in Vancouver I get the opposite problem: I have issues with LTE and must switch to 5G.


Both cities have 5G and it's been a few years now of having this issue. I didn't think much of it because 5G was new and rolling out etc. but to still have the issue now seems improbable. I was wondering if it is because my phone cannot access some bands that differ in each city? I have had this issue using physical SIM, and the issue persists now that I use eSIM (with the physical SIM removed).


Just Moved In

13 pro max here. In Edmonton. Same issue except my phone is unlocked. I'll constantly get "no network" then it'll reconnect. I thought it might have been because I dropped my phone onto the sidewalk, but because I'm also seeing internet issues, also Telus, I'm more inclined to believe it's Telus. What's more, I'm even getting the same issue on WiFi Calling with cellular data off. It's only been happening a few days but it's a new development that I'm hoping gets fixed soon.

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's definitely an odd issue, and I don't think it should be an issue with the device itself being able to connect to a certain band. Reach out to our Mobility team at 1-866-558-2273 or visit the nearest TELUS store and they should be able to investigate!