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Is a monthly rate plan mandatory for prepaid account now?


I see "If you choose a new prepaid rate plan, using your service as pay-per-use without a prepaid rate plan will no longer be available. You will need to maintain a prepaid rate plan to continue enjoying your service." in Available plans and features section. Does it mean once I purchase a rate plan for a month, I have to use a rate plan forever even though I don't need it or I cannot use it at all? That doesn't sound like "pay as you go".


Community Power User
Community Power User

You can change your prepaid plan as you wish to meet your needs, but you have to buy a minimum plan every 30 days to maintain your number, and future connectivity. If you miss payment for 90 days, your number is returned to the pool for reassignment. Prepaid plans can be perfect for folks such as international travellers, who only need cellular service for short periods; there is no long term commitment.

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