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Cell tower

Just Moved In
So the l t e discovery app says that there is a cell phone tower inside of my house. I've used the open source app to further locate this. And it appears that my location of my device is at the site of a cell tower a few kilometers away up the mountain. My modems Location also appears at the cell tower base not at my house. On the netspot discover when listing all of the mobile internet hotspot available, my phone is listed as an internet connection meanwhile my hotspot is off and i cannot see my modem to connect to. Where the optic and electric cables come into my house, my compass will change direction(have tried with 3 compasses). I have called and been hung up on multiple times as well as had a home services Technician come by. I require a network or mobile technician. Clearly, something wasn't hooked up, right? And things are definitely weird over here on my end, possibly dangerous if you consider. Looking for an explanation, thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. We're unable to speak to the location accuracy of third party websites or apps, but if you're experiencing issues with your TELUS services we recommend reaching out to our Tech Support team at 1-888-811-2323 for further troubleshooting.