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Mobility for Good application

Hello, I applied for a Mobility for Good application for seniors two weeks ago, I still haven't received any response yet. Also I emailed the dedicated email for that program for an update, no response. Is the program still active, or simply just tak...

waynemin1 by Just Moved In
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My billing cycle ends today it’s my first bill and I’m kinda confused, it says my total is zero but it clearly shows my phone plan price and everything there, I payed it just to safe and early acouple weeks ago but i don’t know how it works will it b...

What is happening with Internet in Valemount, BC

I am currently working during the daytime in Valemount, BC. I reported to Telus Mobility early last week that I was having spotty or no internet in downtown Valemount even though I have 3 bars of 5G. I was disappointed with the response that I got at...

e56789 by Just Moved In
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In Spain - not connecting to any networks

I'm in Spain with a Pixel 3 XL. It isn't connecting to any networks. I've turned on roaming and tried resetting wifi + data settings. Please help, obviously with no service i can't debug easily.

rzdh by Just Moved In
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Pan-provincial Porting Problems?

What's the word on moving from one province to another? - will TELUS move my device from an Ontario service address to a BC service address? Any restrictions?- will TELUS port my number between provinces (e.g., use a 416 number as a "local" number in...

ONtoBC22 by Just Moved In
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Frustrated and disappointed long time Telus customer

Hi, I am severly disappointed in the recent service I received from the escalation manager at Telus. I am currently traveling outside Canada and I had turned roaming off on my phone but for some reason the roaming got unblocked on its own (Telus mana...

htayyab by Just Moved In
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Spam/Scam callers

I've been getting a ridiculous amount of spam and scam calls lately and it's super frustrating. Today alone I've had about 15 different calls starting from 5 in the morning. Does anyone know anything i can do to get rid of these calls or know someone...

Beeks41 by Just Moved In
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Easy Roam

I switched to Telus from Fido expecting better service and for the most part it was pretty much the same. I did get unlimited data so the cost increase was justified I guess. I went into the US for the first time in two years and even tho everything ...

PeterH by Just Moved In
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Get a puk code via online support

My SIM is locked and I need my puk code to unlock it. The live chat only provides me the option to get a call back, which is pretty hard with a locked SIM. I haven't found a way to send an email, and I apparently can't call in. Is there any way to ge...

dmdspn by Just Moved In
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