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Resolved! Can't receive txts from certain people while not on wifi

Hi there! I've been having this issue lately where I can't receive or send texts to or from my partner unless I'm on a wifi or data connection. I know it is not a problem with all my contacts, as I receive msgs from my parents whenever, it's just wit...

Broken screen and Bring it Back program

So I got a Galaxy S10e and a plan with the Bring it Back program that allows me to pay a reduced amount every month so long as I return the phone after the contract period.One of the conditions for the phone is that it can't have a cracked screen.I d...

Data pro-rated

When they give you a certain amount is it from what you already used with the remainder left or is it with the whole amount of what they give you?

Bobby778 by Organizer
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Poor cell service in the upper mission of Kelowna?

New to Telus, best I have gotten is 3 bars. Most of the time it’s only 1 bar in the upper mission. Never had an issue with my old provider, I thought Telus was supposed to have the best coverage.

CJR1 by Just Moved In
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All receiving number shown as private number

all receiving call are shown as private number, including saved contact number. All Out going calls are working fine. check on another device same problem. checked on device with different sim no problem.

bijay by Just Moved In
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Billed for Texts to the US that i never made

Just wondering if any of you have ever had the problem of being billed for texts you never sent? This is the 2nd time I'm being billed for texts sent to a number in the US that I never sent. The first time the charges were about $100 but Telus was wi...

MH123 by Neighbour
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