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Resolved! Can't call. And I can't text

I just recently switched to Telus mobility and now all of a sudden I can't call people nor can anyone call me, on top of that I can't send out or receive any texts. What am I supposed to even do in this situation?

Mike0Eggs by Just Moved In
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Outgoing Caller ID Name

It is unacceptable that Telus mobility users that have either family or business plans with multiple devices cannot set an outgoing Caller ID Name individually for each device on the plan. Currently, the only option Telus is offering is that only the...

spada by Just Moved In
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Option de données

Bonjour.....ayant un forfait prépayée de 365 jours j imagine que l achat de données expire eux aussi a 365 jours !!!!!! Merci de confirmer.

Yvanp22 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! No signal

I’m in Bruce county, Ontario. We have been experiencing no signal for the past few day. Cannot send or receive text messages or phone calls. Only IMessages and Facebook messenger works. Wondering what’s going on? Everyone in my neighbourhood who uses...

Kelly091 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Poor signal in Vancouver

I’ve been receiving inexplicably low cell signal (particularly in downtown Vancouver) for over a year now. My partner is experiencing same with Telus. We have tried everything including swapping out SIM cards etc. I’ve heard something is currently wr...

AA04 by Just Moved In
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Easy roam increase?

Hey all. My easy roam was us $8 per day and international $11 per day. It went up without notice last month to $11 us and 14 international. Anyone know about this? Is it an error? Can I call and ask them to lower it or is that a waste of time

OD by Organizer
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Note 20 Ultra 5G N986U1, network issues

I have a Telus plan, with US roaming option.I am traveling in US alot. I have a Note 20 Ultra 5G U1 from Samsung US. When in US I can only register on Tmobile and I do get 5G data.It won't let me register on ATT or Verizon even though I see the netwo...

Adi2999 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Third party charge on my bill.

On March 24 at 12:42 a.m. a charge of $4.99 was charged to my Telus Account, a third-party app purchase. For some reason, Telus can only tell me the date and time the purchase was made but not by whom. I have been with Telus for 4 months and never ex...

fredroz by Just Moved In
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No service - no telus support

I migrated to Telus 2 weeks ago and have no service since then. I have called Telus tech support 3 times and they weren’t able to fix my issue. My sin card is working in other cell phones and my cell phone is working with Rogers, Freedom and Bell car...

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