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Billed for Texts to the US that i never made

Just wondering if any of you have ever had the problem of being billed for texts you never sent? This is the 2nd time I'm being billed for texts sent to a number in the US that I never sent. The first time the charges were about $100 but Telus was wi...

MH123 by Neighbour
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The international calling add-on is a joke

Rogers offers 5 dollars(and you can get it for 1 dollar) for unlimited international texting and preferred call rate, 0.02,0.03 per min .For Telus, you have to pay 10 dollars for international texting and 3 dollars for preferred calling at rate 0.10 ...

Resolved! Unlimited One Number

I recently purchased an add on for my phone called "unlimited one number" It says on the site and app that it has been effective since yesterday. However, I did not get a chance to link a phone number to the add on because it did NOT give me an optio...

Chel by Just Moved In
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Skip voicemail caller phone number and time

Hi all,I'm asking this as a question and if the answer is no then it is a feature request.When I playback a voicemail it states the caller's number and call time. 99% of the time I know who called and when and I'd like to skip this and start the actu...

RickD by Just Moved In
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Data top-up

I am trying to add 1GB to my plan. When I go to confirm the purchase, I keep getting an error message saying to try again later :o(

SnoCone by Just Moved In
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Email not sending - getting "couldn't send email"

Emails will not send and go to the outbox. When I open the outbox, I am presented with an orange box that says "Couldn't send email There was a problem connecting to the server. Your email will be sent as soon as the connection is restored." This hap...

Darin5 by Just Moved In
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Telus payee name incorrect?

When I go to pay my phone bill the Telus webpage lists the Payee name as TELUS Mobility.Mobilite however when I log on to my bank there are no results for that name. I contacted support and they said what I was looking for is TELUS Mobility Inc as a ...

kim9 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Poor Cell Reception at my house

I was a Bell customer but had very poor cell reception. I tried to navigate through Bells website to find solutions. I was hours trying to get solutions but to no avail. So I switched to Telus. Same problem! I tried to navigate through the Telus webs...

Dan123 by Just Moved In
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Poor service Vancouver Downtown

Im continually having dropped service and poor network reception in the Vancouver downtown area all over downtown and my household condo in Olympic Village. Even walking over the Cambie bridge it will drop and lose LTE. iPhone 11 on OS 14.4, reset al...

OVuser by Just Moved In
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Worst Service I've Ever Experienced.

From waiting over 9 hours on the phone over two days, including a 2 hour wait to be redirected to the wrong department, just to wait longer. (probably designed that way, to decrease the amount of support techs they need to pay.) After that customer s...

Pat403 by Neighbour
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