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Why am I getting different information and deals with agents

Just Moved In

I am very upset with Telus as a business. Telus has constantly tried to upsell me and promised me an internet plan of $95 complimentary TV. I got ahead and check and these guys are now charging me $173.


Wtf is going on? I am not even getting the full service speed given the outdated boxes I was given. I have had friends from Telus and other companies that told me that I am being blatantly taken advantage of. Worst of all was having a Telus agent over to say nothing was wrong despite me showing him that there is no internet signals 


Telus is not transparents, and frankly, Telus CHANGE YOUR SALES TACTICS! Do not throw stress onto your agents to meet like 7 different sales target - it's insane and frankly  criminal to what other companies like Rogers is offering.


Whenever people come over to my house we make fun of how wonderfulty the internet is despite having agents to look at it.


Not impressed.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. We can definitely take a look into the billing on your account to see as to why it's different from what you were told (other than things like prorated billing, etc.) so reach out to us over at our Twitter or Facebook pages so we can verify your account, gather your info, and take a look.

Just Moved In

I agree, just last week I called to possibly renew internet, sent to retention reps. Got great plans for my 2 places and then received my bill, almost double what they said. I’m. Pt worried, telus has to stand by their representatives. I clearly wrote down the packages, and she reiterated the prices. I said oh and email came through and it’s showing some outrageous price. She said telus has been having problems with their emails and billing confirmations and to ignore. I said I can wait till current plan is up, she said she can switch now and give me credit for the monthly difference, as lower than what I’m currently paying, also offered me $140 signing bonus. These  people should be fired. Now I’m on hold for over 45 minutes and still holding…….. I’m not sure if she is overseas, but she had an accent, said she was Philipinno as I was surprised how she took the time to tell me all about her personal family details. We must have been on the phone for over 1.5 hours. That includes my wait time to talk to a rep. Totally unacceptable and fraudulent