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MoCA adapter stopped working

I have the Wi-Fi 6 router running in MoCA mode. There’s an area of low service in my house (basement bunker) where the Telus tech provided a MoCA adapter. Since we don’t watch TV much in that room, I’ve been using the adapter for my PC in the same ar...

Jmah by Just Moved In
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3 Hrs of my day today trying to upgrade my phone and plan

Today I tried to:- upgrade my iPhone online via Telus Hub. It wasn't working- so I walked down to the nearest Telus - they recommended instead that I call customer service- called customer service and waited for 2hrs - explained my situation again, a...

jam2 by Just Moved In
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Telus fiber not reaching the bedroom

Hi everyone. I live on thé ground floor of a 3 story townhouse, 1 bdrm 600 sqft.I had fibre installed last year, the modem is by the door and my bedroom is in the back of the house with a small patio attached.Next to the modem I can get around 600mbp...

Property damage not dealt with

Some telus crews trespassed on my property and caused pretty substantial damage. Aside from sending someone to my home to try to threaten me into signing an easement contract, they have refused to deal with the issue or even respond to me. Has anyone...

Gnosis by Friendly Neighbour
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Repeated calls from Telus

I am getting calls every day from Telus [888-811-2323] When I answer I hear 3 beeps and then the line goes dead. It has been going on for weeks and I’m really tired of it. I’ve tried calling Telus, but just get handed over to a bot that doesn’t seem ...

pbsfan by Organizer
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monthly security plan added without my consent!

I noticed that my last months bill was increased by 33$ Telus, please don't treat your customers like this! They sent me a 'free camera'. They told me over and over again it was 'free'. Now, I find out, Telus has increased my monthly billing by 33$ f...

Colin3745 by Just Moved In
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Fibre Optic installed but not available for a fibre plan

Hi there. I live in south Calgary alberta and fibre optic was installed in my home over a month ago, I searched up my address on the telus website but no fibre plans are available. Wondering if there is still work to be done or if theres a glitch or ...

ricardk6 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Cannot login with admin password

Hi, I just have an installation team that installed two things for 1Gb fibre: a flat white box they called a "brain" (has no labels) and a white, cylinder-looking WiFi device (has WiFi and admin passwords on it) The symptom is exactly as here: https:...

alex55 by Just Moved In
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Adding Boosters

Hello I have just had optic installed. I have a router/modem in the garage. Technicolor FXA 5000I have 3 set top boxes hooked up by the Moca connectors. I also have the main booster hooked up by a Moca connector. The second booster has no ethernet co...

Rerouting an overhead line

We recently bought a property and it is serviced by Telus optic as a previous owner use your service. The overhead telus internet line goes over an area that I want to put a trampoline and the overhead line is in the way. The Hydro used to follow thi...

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